Welcome to Flint + Fray: Where Adventure Meets Comfort

In the spirit of honoring the wild and outgoing spirits of my sons, Flint + Fray was born. As the founder of Laree + Co., a brand created in honor (and now run in memory) of my daughter Lillian, I understand the power of legacy and the importance of creating something meaningful for our loved ones. Just as Laree + Co. continues to share Lillian's story, Flint + Fray is dedicated to celebrating the untamed energy of my boys.

Our Mission: Redefining Rad for the Next Generation

At Flint + Fray, we believe that children's clothing should embody the essence of childhood: high quality, comfort, and durability. Our designs are crafted with rad kids in mind—those who love living life to its fullest. Inspired by the thrill-seeking nature of Moto families, we've created a line that seamlessly blends style and functionality.

For the Moms, Especially Boy Moms

To the moms out there, especially the boy moms, we see you. We know there aren't always enough options for the adventurous boys who prefer dirt trails to sidewalks. Flint + Fray is here to change that. Our mission is to provide a wardrobe that complements their bold spirits.

The Flint + Fray Aesthetic: Rad, Casual, Comfortable

Our rad style is best described as casual, comfortable, and perfect for the everyday adventures of our little daredevils. Whether it's riding dirt bikes, hitting the slopes, or simply embracing the chaos of play, our clothing is designed to keep up with the thrill of childhood.

Sustainability in Every Stitch

While not all of our clothing is bamboo, we prioritize eco-friendly and sustainable materials. It's our commitment to ensure that the joy our clothing brings to families is mirrored in our responsibility to the planet.

Fun-Infused Designs for All-Day Play

Flint + Fray is more than just clothing; it's an invitation to play. Our products are created with fun in mind. Stylish yet durable, they are built to withstand the chaos of all-day play, allowing kids to be kids while remaining comfy and stylish.

Overcoming Hurdles, Crafting Comfort

One of our biggest challenges? Creating a line that can keep up with the endless energy of kids while remaining comfortable. We get it—jeans can be a tough sell. That's why we've mastered the art of crafting comfy styles that can outlast even the craziest moves.

Join the Flint + Fray Family.

When you find Flint + Fray, you've found more than just clothing; you've found a community. We strive to provide a real and transparent outlook on parenting and Moto lifestyle. It's about more than just dressing your kiddos—it's about embracing the best in family, adventure, and style.

Welcome to Flint + Fray, where every stitch tells a story, and every adventure is an opportunity to express your daring side.